Eda Levent


Eda Levent / University of Virginia

Eda Levent enters the University of Virginia as a leader by example. In addition to being one of the top students of the Saint Joseph French School , she served as the Class President and its lead Honor Board Member. She also founded the school’s MUN Club. There are no boundaries to Eda’s desire to contribute. From organizing conferences to serving as an Editor to her School Magazine and leading fund raising activities, Eda’s relentless effort to make life better for others is constant. In 2007,she visited Vietnam to participate in an effort to distribute food and clothing to badly stricken villages and in 2008, she led a similar effort in Southeastern Turkey. Eda also defines innovation. She is the creator of the ELS Handbag. Using different textures and styles, Eda created a product which today is sold in 5 Star hotels throughout Turkey. She has used her trilingual skills and her desire to understand the world to become one of the most cultural young ladies of Turkey. Eda is a true leader and an asset to society.