Ediz Karahasanoglu


Ediz Karahasanoglu / Brown University

Ediz Karahasanoglu demonstrates true Excellence. This Robert College Graduate entered Koc University as a Vehbi Koc Scholar and finished his Freshman year with a 4.0 GPA earning him the university’s #1 rank and a place in this year’s transfer class at Brown University. As a designated intern for Vatan Newspaper, Ediz was assigned by its Board of Directors to multimillion dollar financial analysis projects. Since 2009, Ediz has served as the Top ranked Rotaract of Turkey and the President of the Besiktas Interact Chapter. At the age of 13, Ediz became one of the youngest to earn a black belt licensed by Turkey’s Karate Federation. Diligence, Determination and Knowledge are Characteristics clearly possessed by Ediz that make him the ultimate future leader of Turkey.