Leaders of Tomorrow


Eda Levent / University of Virginia

Eda Levent enters the University of Virginia as a leader by example. In addition to being one of the top students of the Saint Joseph French School, she served as the Class President and its lead Honor Board Member. She also founded the school’s MUN Club. There are no boundaries to Eda’s desire to contribute. From organizing conferences to serving as an Editor to her School Magazine and leading fund raising activities, Eda’s relentless effort to make life better for others is constant. In 2007,she visited Vietnam to participate in an effort to distribute food and clothing to badly stricken villages and in 2008, she led a similar effort in Southeastern Turkey. Eda also defines innovation. She is the creator of the ELS Handbag. Using different textures and styles, Eda created a product which today is sold in 5 Star hotels throughout Turkey. She has used her trilingual skills and her desire to understand the world to become one of the most cultural young ladies of Turkey. Eda is a true leader and an asset to society.


Ergun Erdogan / Fordham University

Ergun Erdogan enters Fordham University as one of Turkey’s most well rounded young men. As a student, Ergun served as a respected member of his school’s Honor Committee and as a student intern, was recognized by Industrialists of China for his contribution to an international trade project. Ergun also demonstrates athletic prowess as a top soccer goalie and one of Turkey’s few licensed players in table tennis. Ergun truly understands the meaning of contributing to mankind as he was honored by Turkey’s Ministry of Social Services for extraordinary effort to Turkey’s Handicapped Children and Youth. Ergun is a value to our society and a true leader of Humanity.


Turan Orujlu / University of Pennsylvania

Turan Orujlu is one of Azerbaijan’s true gifts and the first undergraduate student from his country to enroll at one of the world’s best, The University of Pennsylvania. This product of Baku demonstrated his passion in Biology as a representative of Azerbaijan at the 2008 National Science Championship. As a student at the Baku European Lyceum, Turan served as a Chief Editor and was a representative in Debate at Model United Nations. Turan represents his country as one of its pioneers.


Senem Oner / New York University

Senem Oner exemplifies diversity. As the daughter of one of Turkey’s most respected Economists, Senem has taken steps in creating her own identity. As a student, she served significant roles as one of Turkey’s Representatives to the European Youth Parliament. As the youngest intern at think tank Forum Istanbul, she displayed her multilingual skills, true leadership and maturity by hosting Politicians from around the world. Senem is a gifted writer, a skier, a swimmer and embodies a character of dignity. Senem will be representing New York University as one of Turkey’s future leaders in International Relations.


Ediz Karahasanoglu / Brown University

Ediz Karahasanoglu demonstrates true Excellence. This Robert College Graduate entered Koc University as a Vehbi Koc Scholar and finished his Freshman year with a 4.0 GPA earning him the university’s #1 rank and a place in this year’s transfer class at Brown University. As a designated intern for Vatan Newspaper, Ediz was assigned by its Board of Directors to multimillion dollar financial analysis projects. Since 2009, Ediz has served as the Top ranked Rotaract of Turkey and the President of the Besiktas Interact Chapter. At the age of 13, Ediz became one of the youngest to earn a black belt licensed by Turkey’s Karate Federation. Diligence, Determination and Knowledge are Characteristics clearly possessed by Ediz that make him the ultimate future leader of Turkey.