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Since 1993, International Student Services has assisted students worldwide in gaining entrance to top universities throughout the States. Many countries have institutions which follow a uniquely difficult format in grading. It is not uncommon to find a student with 2.8 /4.0 or 76/100 GPA rank in the top 1% of a class.  Through our established relations with many of America’s top institutions, we are in the position to represent the student on a personal level and better explain such unique circumstances which normally hinder entrance possibilities. Our organization meets with the student 1 to 1 and gets to understand them on a personal level. With each student comes unique strengths or attributes and it is important that when schools evaluate applicants, such strengths are not overlooked.  We assist the students in their application processes and coach them to assure that their applications are done the right way not deviating from what top US University Admission Staffs seek. Our relation with US University Admissions officers has helped us to understand right from wrong, the “dos” and “donts” for students applying to top schools. We are there to coach the students with our expertise throughout the entire process.

Our Exclusive Success Story series will give the student an opportunity to connect with the “Leaders of Tomorrow”. Their tips will promote success in the classroom and overall understanding of what life is like as a student in the US. The Dean interviews will give the applicant student a clear edge when applying to top universities and assist in determining what school is the “right” one.

We also assist universities in their efforts to recruit quality students; ones that meet the criteria within  their admissions standards. We have coordinated over 30 events for visiting university officials to connect with students. October 2009, we organized the very first “Getting your Advice from the Experts” MBA Panel event which gained media attention nationwide.  All attending schools were globally ranked in the Financial Times Top 50. The event allows visiting Admissions officials to only meet students that fall within a top MBA target as all attendees are screened by our office and RSVPed accordingly.  In April 2010, we organized a special Event for Duke’s Fuqua School of Business allowing them to connect with Azerbaijan’s very top professionals. This marked the first time Azerbaijan has hosted a top 10 MBA Program. 2013 will mark our 5th consecutive year of hosting both Turkey and Azerbaijan’s top ranked MBA Panel Event. IN April 2014, we will host the first such event in Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana.

We coach students in picking the right school. We assure that prior to enrolling in any school, they become fully aware of what to expect and the steps needed to succeed. We also coach Universities in taking proper steps to recruit the type of student that falls within their target.  In doing so, it is our mission is to connect top international students with top US Universities and Colleges.