Turkish school wins 14 medals at US science olympiad

Pinnacle Academy, established by Turkish businessmen in Washington D.C., got 14 medals in the Virginia State Science Olympiad Regional Tournament of the George Washington University.

The Turkish school was among the top three most successful schools, and students Arif Yildiz and Emre Karaman, each, won gold medals.
Selin Alintas and Zehra Yilmaz each got bronze medals; whereas some other students of the school received other medals in the regional tournament.

The school will compete in the Virginia Science Olympiad State Tournament on April 24.

Students of Pinnacle Academy had been ranked the first in Washington D.C. area in the Future City competition, and joined country finals.

Pinnacle Academy is a nonprofit, private elementary-middle school from Pre-K-8th grade, focused on math, science and foreign languages.