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Yagmur Toprak / Lawrence Woodmere Academy

Yagmur Toprak is one of the youngest international students to cross continents. At the age of 14,Yagmur enrolled at Long Island, New York’s Lawrence Woodmere Academy as the school’s first ever Turk. It didn’t take her long to become one of the school’s most loved. One of Turkey’s brightest young ladies shares her unique experience of high school in the US.

Enes Kanter & Shahruz Hasanzade / Northwestern University

Northwestern University Student, Shahruz Hasanzade sits down with University of Kentucky Basketball star, Enes Kanter. At the age of 18, Enes has already broken international records and experts predict this phenom to one day be one of the world’s best ever players. Enes opens up to Shahruz on his feelings of brotherhood toward Azerbaijan, his appreciation to Fenerbahce Sports Club and his quest to continue his family’s legacy of Education.

Ozer Dumankaya / KAAN Limousine

As the President of Kaan Limousine, Ozer Dumankaya is perhaps the most respected Turk in the United States. Ozer is a household name to some of the world’s most recognized singers, artists, athletes, politicians and businessmen to visit the US. Ozer serves as a humanitarian and uncle figure to thousands of international students in the US. Kaan Limousine is a name all international students should know.

Cana & Dila Atay / Franklin & Marshall

As a product of one of Istanbul’s most respected families, Cana and Dila Atay bring value to the Franklin and Marshall Community. The twins represent Belde Lisesi of Istanbul and stress the importance of an education at one of America’s top Liberal Arts Schools.

Assane Sene / University of Virginia

The Basketball Pride of Senegal. This Saint-Louis native explains the interesting road he took to the United States. Though he started to play the game as a teenager, it didn’t take Sene long to excel as one of the Atlantic Coast Conference’s leaders in shot blocks and rebounds. In addition to his success on the court, Sene is known to be an excellent student and one of the most fun people on campus of the University of Virginia. Sene speaks of his U.S. experience at both the high school and university level.

Director Monica Esser / Fordham University

As the Director of International Admissions at Fordham University, Monica Esser truly understands the value an international student brings to its student body. She is known to be one of America’s most knowledgeable officials of international education. Director Esser sits down with StudyInAmerica to discuss and advise international applicants seeking Education at Fordham.

Murat Usta / Boston University Law

Murat Usta is one of brightest young Turkish Lawyers. This product of Istanbul’s Isik High School went on to excel as an honor student at Emory University before enrolling at Franklin Pierce Law Center and later Boston University LLM Program. Murat sits down with StudyinAmerica to discuss the value of an LLM and how it helped to prepare for success as a top Lawyer.

Saoussan Mahgoub / University of Virginia

Saoussan Mahjoub comes from one of Tunisia’s most prominent families. The Mahjoub family is a worldwide leader in organic agriculture and one of Dean and Deluca’s top suppliers. After graduating from Pere Blanc as its top student, Saoussan studied Law before pursuing a US Education. She is currently one of UVA’s top students in Economics.

DJ Seyhan Duru / Club Josephine

Istanbul was a great base for Seyhan to develop a passion for music as a young child. DJ Seyhan came to America as a student and with this gift and desire to entertain, it didn’t take long for Washington DC to take notice of this exceptional talent. Today, DJ Seyhan is a household name amongst students throughout Washington DC. This artist explains his experience and how he develop into one of America’s top DJs.