Cem Aydan: The application process to The University of Southern California

After studying at The Italian High School in Istanbul, Cem Aydan is now one of the most successful students at one of America’s top Universities. The classroom is not the only place he has excelled in. Cem is one of the most popular students on campus. Learn why it is important to pick the “right” school.

Picking the right school for you (USC with Cem Aydan) – StudyInAmerica.com from StudyInAmerica.com on Vimeo.

Sean Patrick Lewis

Sean Patrick Lewis | StudyInAmerica.com | Los Angeles, CA

Award-winning journalist Sean Patrick Lewis has been working in the broadcast news industry for almost a decade. He’s covered majored stories from the Academy Awards to Presidential elections and even flew to Haiti to document the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.


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