Sonad Uygur: Creating an identity at The University of Virginia

For over 140 years, the German School of Istanbul has produced some of the world’s most valuable leaders. Sonad Uygur is on path to follow the German School’s traditional footsteps of success. Sonad excels as one of UVA’s top students in her area of passion: Architecture.

Sonad Uygur: Creating an identity from on Vimeo.

Elif İnce

Leyla Chatti | | Virginia

Leyla Chatti was born and raised in Tunis, Tunisia. After graduating from Lyceum Pierre Mendes with the highest honor, she enrolled at the University of Virginia where she majors in French. In addition to French and English, Leyla is also fluent in Turkish and Arabic. In high school Leyla was recognized by Tunisia’s Ministry of Culture for her excellence in piano.