Why liberal arts at Franklin & Marshall College

For over half a century, The Inal Ertekin School of Bursa has taken in young children and developed them to becoming some of Turkey’s most valuable citizens. Deniz Varol is another successful product of Inal. As an international scholar, Deniz has excelled as a top student at one of America’s top liberal arts Colleges, Franklin and Marshall.

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Seda Naz Colakoglu

Seda Naz Colakoglu | StudyInAmerica.com | Pennsylvania

Naz is a business administration and organizations student at Franklin & Marshall College from Istanbul, Turkey. Fluent in four languages, Naz recently went to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. She is involved with the International Club and Squash Club at F&M. She is also currently doing a summer internship in the marketing department of Coca-Cola Company in Istanbul, Turkey.