Making Global Connections at Purdue University

Yet another one of America’s most successful international students gives credit to The German High School of Turkey. With graduation looming, Mete already has received a job offer typical to any Honor Student at Purdue University’s Department of Industrial Engineering. Mete states how dorm and student life plays a role in developing friendship with students from all over the world.

Dila Baktiroglu

Dila Baktiroglu | | Indiana

Dila Baktiroglu is a Senior at Purdue University where she majors in Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy and minors in Advertising and Management. She is the Corporate Sponsorship Director at the Women in Business Association at the Krannert School of Management. She has served as an Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotion for the New York based Hakia group and most recently as an Associate at Mccann Erickson’s Turkish headquarters.